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All canine coaching courses include the Freedom No-Pull Harness.

feline behavior issues


Cats can be such loves. They can cuddle, follow us with devotion and curl up with us for a quiet moment together. But, sometimes things go awry and you need help. If your cat is exhibiting inter-cat or human anxiety, aggression tendencies, fearfulness, potty issues or just out of sorts, let us help you. We work closely with your veterinarian to rule out any physiological issues which can be an underlying cause. As a cat owner and trainer for over 12 years, I have personally experienced and successfully worked through many of the issues mentioned. All behavior modification is done right in your home – where your cat lives and is comfortable.

Behavior modification sessions are priced at $90 per session.

Prior to setting an appointment, Susan will conduct a full behavior consultation with you about your cat's behavior. Please call (321) 689-2239 to discuss and schedule your consultation.

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Growing Good Puppies to be Great Dogs!

What’s not to love about a puppy? They’re not only sweet … but smart! And, ready to learn some very important foundations to becoming a great dog! This six-week puppy training course is designed for puppies 12 weeks to five months of age and will introduce humans and the puppies that own them the benefits of socialization as well as great basic lessons in good dog behavior. We’ll explore cute puppy behavior gone bad (chewing, jumping) and teach you how to build solid skills such as watch me, leave it, no biting, no jumping, sit and come … all necessary behaviors to establish a strong bond of respected leadership & good manners. Each interactive session will include social puppy playtime as well as training skills practice.

Group classes are priced at $220 for six weeks.

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Fido the Freshman
Learning How to Build the Leadership Bond

This six-week course is designed for dogs five months and older. You dog will learn good manner behaviors such as sit, stay, down, go to your mat, down-stay, come, loose leash walking, off, leave it and watch me. We’ll cover simple solutions to common behavior problems … such as jaws on paws (chewing!) and the jumping bean dog at the door. Dogs must be non-aggressive.

Group classes are priced at $220 for six weeks.

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behavior issues

Please visit the following to find a veterinary or training behavior specialist: http://www.forcefreeflorida.org/meet-our-members.html

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